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    Why does processing take so long there saying 30 to 90 days before I can get a visit or phone call we are married I just want any visit at that.he just got there I just can't believe they take that long.does it really take that long has anyone had there loved one there that can give me some insight ty

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    My fiance went straight to Garza West from Bexar County when he finally caught chain. It was exactly 30 days when he was eligible for visitation. If you haven't been thru this before, make sure you read all the rules and visitation policy prior to going. You can take up to $25 in quarters in a Ziploc bag, no paper money. Hope that helps.


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      It all depends on the unit, availability of staff & once again if they are aware that he may be moving out soon (since its a transfer unit0 they may not be in any hurry to process him..
      Each time he gets move to a different location he will have to go thru the processing over again.
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