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Inmate Rights in Segregation

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  • Inmate Rights in Segregation

    Hello everyone, I am completely new to this forum so I hope this is posted in the correct spot. I also am fairly new to the Prison rules and systems for inmates in general and have currently encountered a problem that I am hoping maybe someone might now a little more information on. My husband is currently at Idaho State Correctional Institution (ISCI), I spoke to him last Friday in the early evening and then did not hear from him again later on that night or the next morning (which seemed odd but i thought maybe it was because he knew we would have visitation Saturday morning). When I arrived the next day for visiting they told me he was in segregation but they could not tell me why or for how long, they told me to call Monday and speak with his case manager. I did this and she was basically unhelpful, she told me she didn't know he was in there and was unsure why but would "try to figure it out". I called her back the next day and she told me that she still does not know why he is there but she was not too concerned about it and "hes a nice guy" when I told her it has now been 5 days and I still have not heard from him and asked about the policy they have on allowing inmates to have communication via phone with family while in segregation and how long they can restrict him being able to have any communication with family she told me things like "i think its like 10 days they have to decide what they are going to do with him", "im not sure, i only do diversion case management and this is a security question" and "we can not just hold people for long periods of time and not allow them to communicate with family". I asked her to transfer me to someone who could tell me about the policy they have in place ans even the ones I found on the IDOC website are really unclear and don't have a real answer, when she did I got someones voicemail and still have not heard back from them. I think I have talked to at least 4 people and none of them can seem to give me an answer on if they can restrict all forms of communication and if so for how long per policy. Its been like I said 5 days where I have not heard from him in any form and that is not typical as I usually speak to him several times a day and not hearing from him is concerning to me. I am frustrated that no one out there at the prison seems to be helpful in anyway, has anyone had an experience like this and were you able to talk to anyone specific to get an answer?

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    You should be able to call the Wardens office there in the prison and get some sort of answer.

    You should still be able to communicate via mail the only problem would be if he has stamps in segregation to write you back

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