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Correspondance Classes/Courses for Inmates?

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    The body of information provided in this thread by Texas Dust is good. However, some of it is out of date. She warned us at the beginning of the post that it is "old information from the web."

    Prisoners Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Programs In the United States and Canada, 3rd Edition is said to be an excellent book. I have not read it, and I do not own a copy. But I have heard that it is an excellent resource, written by a prisoner, with the assistance of an experienced educator on the outside.

    The book is no longer published by Biddle-Auden-Reed. The link provided takes you to a "page not found" error. The company appears to be out of business.

    The current edition of this book is available from Prison Legal News. It's not cheap. The price of the book is $49.95, and that does not include sales tax or the cost of shipping. However, it may well be one of the best resources available for someone serving a long sentence who really wants to further their education. I can't offer an informed opinion, because I have not read the book. But many people feel it is worth the price. Here's the link:



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      My brother in law heard that there is something out there for inmates that are over 55 and want to attend college. He heard there was a free program. Is this true? I have been looking but I guess not in the right places.