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  • Been awhile please help

    My husband is currently in the pueblo jail on jail backlog to go to doc on a 9 month sentence and was wondering how long can someone stay on jail backlog? and what days can/do they transfer? because his lawyer said if he isnt on his way to doc by tuesday (because she told me they do transfers on tues and thurs) to call her n she said she might be able to move things along a bit faster but can she really do anything? And usually how long does someone do on a 9 month sentence? And depending on how long hes in jail on jail backlog will they do a parole hearing there? Or?Because hes scheduled to see the parole board april 2017 and how likely is he to get paroled? Because when he got sentenced they told him that due to some type of extreme circumstances or something plus his medical condition (he has dvts and he gets open ulcers) he might get up to drdc and just get paroled some what right away or he might go to cell house 5 at territorial then get paroled but idk can someone help me please thanks and im sorry its been years since ive had to go thru this so im a newbe all over again but all help or experiences appreciated
    T ❤