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Overcome drug addictions - Miracles do happen!!

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    Originally posted by chasta76 View Post
    I definitely need to get this book for my guy-and myself. I still struggle with "the want" on a daily basis and Ive just recently started thinking the way the book seems. My guy however has had a huge drug problem which lead to the theivery that landed his dumbbutt in prison. I want to be strong when he comes out-i want to start a whole new beautiful sober journey with the man i love.....Im gonna get the book.
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    There are at least two dumbbutts in there! Amazing what they steal to keep their habit going. One thing Jeff always said.....Two addicts cannot co-habitate.


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      just goes to show people that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE !


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        Thank you for letting us know, our daughter CAN change!


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          Originally posted by TexasDust View Post
          This is not an Endrosment of The Book on my part Just Showing you it can be ordered Through Barnes & Noble and

          If anyone does order it for themselves or a Loved One can and will you give us input on it!?

          Choose to do Right
          by Andrew E. Matson

          A Proven Path to Criminal Rehabilitation
          Ordering Information

          6 x 9 Paperback cream
          ISBN: 9781432728625 $24.95

          Barnes & Noble

          Instant e-Book Download

          Note: e-Books are for electronic enjoyment only. They may not be edited or printed.

          Book Information

          Genre: Self Help/Personal Growth
          Publication: Feb 12, 2009
          Pages: 318

          Books by Andrew E. Matson

          Choose to do Right

          At the age of 24, Andrew Matson was convicted as a habitual criminal for burglary and theft and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Alone in a prison cell, he realized that he had to do something to turn his life around or nothing would ever change.

          Choose to Do Right is the product of that realization. It outlines over 40 different errors in thinking and perception that lead to irresponsible and criminal choices. This life changing book also provides strategies and suggestions for overcoming these errors in thinking and perception, leading to a more responsible and productive life. Andrew is living proof that these principles and concepts can work.

          “The choice is yours—peace, joy, success, and self-respect…or continuing to live a life of lies. Each moment we are faced with a choice. We can choose to continue doing what is wrong, or we can Choose to Do Right.”

          Choose to Do Right is written by someone who knows what it takes to eliminate bad habits and overcome the errors in thinking and perception that lead to irresponsible behavior and crime. It is a guide to responsible living, written by an ex-convict who has actualized the concepts in the book to successfully regain control over his life. It is for criminals and their loved ones—those who truly want to understand what it takes to change and live a responsible and productive life.

          Choose to Do Right asserts that “irresponsible behavior and crime are the results of a series of psychological mechanisms and errors in thought and perception that combine to distort reality to the point that a particular irresponsible or criminal act seems justifiable, acceptable, or even necessary.” It is this “criminal perspective” and the associated errors in thinking and perception that combine to perpetuate irresponsible behavior. Criminal behavior, then, is simply a choice that is based on this criminal point of view.

          About Andrew E. Matson

          About the Author: After his release from prison, Andrew graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in psychology. He is frequently asked to speak about his personal experiences and what he has learned throughout his journey of self-improvement and responsible living. Andrew is very involved in his church and the community, and continues to be successful in all that he does as he applies the principles of responsible living in his own life. He and his wife live with their four children in Parker, Colorado.
          I am a recovering addict, and so is my husband, I plan to go purchase that book for us both to read. Thank you, there is hope for recovering addicts!
          Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wenger


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            Thank you


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              Thank You Andrew

              Dear Andrew,

              Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments! My son's name is also Andrew, he is 23 years old, married just three years and has a daughter than turns two today.

              I call my Andrew, Andy. He is the youngest of my four children, my baby. I cannot understand why he ended up where he is. His father and I have been married for almost 30 years, there were no drugs and alcohol in our home during the time the kids were growing up. It just seemed that from the time Andy hit school problems began showing up. We tried everything, we always made him responsible for everything he did wrong. We tried rehab (several times), we placed him in treatment centers, etc. We participated in every group meeting and family meeting, we went to see him every week, we home-schooled him when school got to tough for him and so many more things I can't even list them all.

              Now Andy is serving 3 1/2 years over 300 miles from me, all because drugs and alcohol lead him to make choices that have not harmed anyone else, just himself. I miss him so much my heart literally breaks every single day. This week will be one year that he has served and my tears just won't stop. I write to him constantly and send him pictures and I pray that nothing happens to him in there.

              When he is sober and drug free he is the most loving and kind person ever. When he was 16 the attorney that represented him in one of his cases and the prosecuting attorney told my husband and myself that if they were us they would have him permanently committted and that we should go on with our lives and forget about him. Forget about him? My rage over their words almost got the best of me but I pulled myself together and through the tears told them that Andy was and always will be my son, that we love him unconditionally and that we will not stop fighting for him no matter what.

              When he was younger he chose to have friends tatoo all kinds of things on him, basically every gang thing he could think of, even though he was raised in a small town of 350 people, miles from any urban area and knew nothing about gangs. I don't know why he did this and he doesn't either now. But regardless, the system saw them and immediately sent him to maximum security, where he has been for the last year. All he can do is read and have one piece of paper and a pencil (?). That has brought him to the lowest point in his life. He is giving uo and I don't know what to do.

              He loves to read and I wish I had the money to buy your book to send to him but I don't. I need to take care of his daughter and help his wife. Do you have a program that offer's a discount on your book? If you don't that is ok, I just had to ask because I know your book is what he needs to read. He needs to hear a success story.

              Again, congratulations on the turn around you have made. God Bless You for never forgetting that experience and those left behind.

              Kelly Hiesberger


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                Here is a link to his site maybe you can talk to him personally as his phone number is there and it seems he has a newsletter maybe it can be sent to your son.


                Seems like he has Posts over there that you can copy and send to your son if you feel it may help your son out.

                Good Luck!

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                  I had overcome this alcoholism from which I have suffered for years in the past. I have not consumed alcohol since last two years. This was possible because of sheer determination and will. So friends it is possible indeed that you can also conquer this devil that takes away more from you more than it gives. One thing I can say that there is no other cure other than your own firm resolution that can help.


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                    You just fulfilled your purpose of the journey you took, helping others. You payed forward and that is the greatest gift you can give. Thank you


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                      Hi! How are you now, Firstly sorry because I think I am quite late to be the part of this thread, But dear take help from addiction hotline centers. In such cases, they can help you in a better way. For your reference I am here to share with you some links which helps you to guide in the right way. Check below links.




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                        Hi! How are you now, Firstly sorry because I think I am quite late to be the part of this thread, But dear take help from addiction hotline centers. In such cases, they can help you in a better way. For your reference I am here to share with you some links which helps you to guide in the right way. Check below links.