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Process after pre release blood work

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  • Process after pre release blood work

    Does anyone know what the process is after pre release blood work is done? My husbands parole date is 5/18. His PO called me 2wks ago and said I needed to get a home phone asap but she doesn’t know when he will be released yet, she also had me sign a paper saying he can parole to our home. He just finished Changes on Wednesday and they did blood work today. Does anyone know about how long it will be before he is actually released?
    On the website it still shows his release date is in May?
    Also he is at the C Moore unit but the closest pre release unit to us is Abilene, will they release him from C Moore or transport him to Abilene?

    Thank you in advance for the feedback

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    Hopefully you got the answer you needed but normally the blood work is not a good indication. YEs its been a load road. Ill share my timeline
    Mine LO has his blood drawn in March of 2017 and was no t released until Aug of 17. If the site says may then may it will be. I would just keep checking for an actually date. My LO actual date popped up 2 weeks before he was released. Another person on his their date popped up a day before.

    Is he being released on parole or free and clear because that makes a difference as well as to what unit.