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  • Need help urgently

    my name's Carole and I'm new to this forum. I admit, I likely wouldn't be here under normal circumstances as I'm somewhat of a loner but anyway...
    So the thing is I need a bit of help because right now I'm going nuts. I've got someone in Tx and after Hurricane Harvey our means of communication are somewhat interrupted. We've only ever been able to write as I'm not an U.S. citizen and now chances are that letters will take forever - if they get through at all. I thought I'll revert to emails for the time being, registered for jpay and started to despair because I couldn't get this damn thing to accept any of my three (consequently non-U.S. visa & master) credit cards. Looking for a possible solution to his I checked with my bank: International payments are allowed, cash advance is allowed, I'm far from my limit, these credit cards work wonderfully well with Amazon for example - only jpay doesn't. I wrote them an email every day since saturday, sometimes two, but never got an answer. I tried to call but seem to be unable to talk to anyone personally without having a ten-digit american phone number. I don't know whether that is allowed on here but I don't know what else to do so I'll give it a try: Is anyone on here willing to purchase 40 stamps for me? I'd send you my account name / password so that you can log in there, purchase them and delete your credit card info again. After that I'll just change my password. Of course I'll send the money (25 $ for the stamps and the trouble) in advance. I'd thought about using paypal as that also works quite well.
    Again, sorry but I really don't know what else to do. Hope that someone on here knows what a f*** feeling it is to be that helpless and is willing to help. THX.
    All the best, Carole

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    Is really no one on here who is willing and able to help? I mean, what else am I supposed to do? The risk is all mine and I actually don't give a damn because that someone's worth far more than 25 stupid $ but I just can't do it on my own.
    No one from jpay either? Great customer service, I still can't reach them by phone and get no answer to mails. My credit card still doesn't work with them but with all others.


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      Where are you from Carole, I'm from the UK and have had no problems sending money or buying stamps with my debit visa or either of my credit cards. does state that some cards that are the pre- paid type are not excepted. Maybe that is the problem sorry that I can't help you at the moment only in buying stamps and sending them to your man myself you would need to send me his details


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        thx to those two who tried to help me. Unfortunately it didn't work out. My homecountry doesn't have a visa debit card system and I'm unable to buy one in another country lacking the necessary postal address there. jpay seems to have no need to reply to customer inquiries as up until today I got no reply from them. It's a shame that in a forum that claims to be made for families and friends of inmates one doesn't even get an answer from the people responsible. Well, I'm gone from here, apparently it's of no other use than confirming my believe to be better off as a loner