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Jpay JP5s tablet demo?

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  • Jpay JP5s tablet demo?

    Hi I'm wondering if there is a video somewhere of a Jpay tablet demo, in particular the JP5s? I'm interested in seeing it in action, get a better picture of how big it is (actually see it in someones hands), how it works, what it can do etc. I came across this one on Youtube titled "Jpay's Lantern", does anyone know if that is the JP5s tablet? And is that plug-in external keyboard seen in the video an extra that inmates can purchase?

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    JPay's Lantern has a video for size and how the Lantern course works.** Some states approve the sale of keyboards please check with your loved ones facility.

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      Thanks TexasDust , that must be the link I shared in my post then. I wasn't sure if that was the actual JP5s tablet or not as it looked a little bigger than I thought it was.


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        TexasDust it says one of the features of the JP5 tablets is FM Radio. Do you know if inmates can tune in to any/all local radio stations in the city they're in or is it restricted to some kind of local prison station or something like that?