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Does jpay accept direct express card?

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  • Does jpay accept direct express card?

    I collect disability and want to send a friend in New York some money. My card is social security. Will jpay take that? Need to know asap. Ty

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    How can I pay for the Send Money service?

    Generally, you can use any Visa or MasterCard branded debit or credit card to send money to an inmate. Using a debit card is usually the best and cheapest option.
    Anonymous prepaid cards and gift cards are not accepted. However, if you use a prepaid card that allows you to register your address and/or zip code with the issuer, then that card will be accepted as long as you have registered your information. For example, if you want to use a Green Dot prepaid card to send money with JPay, first go to, click “Register a New Card,” and follow the steps.
    If you are using a credit card, it is possible that your issuing bank may charge a cash advance fee for the transaction. If you have any questions about your credit card’s cash advance policies, please contact your bank directly.
    If you wish to avoid the possibility of incurring a cash advance fee, or of having your prepaid card declined, we encourage you to use a debit card.

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