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    So Ive been getting different stories to whether or not im going to get approved to visit my fiance with our newborn baby. I have a brother in prison right now but I havent seen him in almost 4 years. Since I havent seen him in almost 4 years do they kick me off or will I remain on his visiting list. I really want to take my newborn son to meet his daddy but afraid I wont get approved because I was once on my brothers list 4 years ago

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    Welcome to Jpay,
    The best way to get the true answer is to call the facility & just ask a general question without giving any names.
    I never heard of that I would think if you got approve before or you still on your brother's list, it shouldn't be a problem. Unless you cause some trouble visiting in the past.
    Different states handle visitation list different, my love one is in Texas. He just gave a list of names of people that he wanted on his list (I didn't have to fill out a form or anything). So as far as your question about still being on your brother's list it depends on how the facility handles that. Won't hurt to call the prison to find out.
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