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German letters = "gang signs" in Ohio

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  • German letters = "gang signs" in Ohio

    In Ohio the German letters , , , , , and are considered 'gang signs' and my mail with a screenshot with these letters were censored. I wanted to my penpal how my address is properly spelled without alternative letters and I made a screenshot of my address and also included all letter capitalized and not capitalized. I don't know if the facility or the Jpay system censored it. If it was the facility, then I find it hilarious and ridiculous, if it was the jpay system then I don't wonder about anything anymore.

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    I would believe it was the prison facility, each facility can set there own list of words for the computer to catch.
    I always thought that if the system found words then a human was suppose to check the letter for the content to see if it was still okay to give to the inmate.

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      This is the screenshot, I covered essential parts of the address, because I don't want to share that much, but you see the letters. There was appearently another picture censored, where I am showing my penpal the German gesture of wishing someone luck, which is making a fist and pressing the thumb onto the fist, hence pressing the thumb or Drck dir die Daumen means I wish you luck. My penpal said it was censored because of nudity or something. It's kinda limiting when these innocent things are censored.
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