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  • Dennis is searching a pen pa.

    Aye, Yeah you, Excuse me can I get a minute or your time? OK let me stop messing around I only have 200 Words.
    How're you doing? My name is Dennis, but for now just call me D.C. I am from Lorain Ohio.
    I'm 6'1 tall about 232 lbs. I'm biracial (black&white)
    with light borwn eyes, and I'm 29 years old.
    I like reading, right now I am reading a bookm called The Bible the Quran and Science by Maurice Bucaille. I like to learn as long as its something useful. I like sports.
    I'm a little intelligent, I would like to think, i like to talk, I' m loyal person. Now a days I think people have a misconception of that that actually means. I have a good sense of humor.
    I'm looking for a woman who is down to earth, open minded, and is a person whi gets to know someone before drawing a conclusion about a person, a women with a sense of hunor. If this is you, reach out to me through the mail system jpay. com

    DENNIS CALHOUN #572794
    878 Coitsville Hubbard Rd
    Youngstown, Oh 44505 Dennis.jpg