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Male in Ohio needs a pen pal..

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  • Male in Ohio needs a pen pal..

    Hey there strangers. My name is Anthony Randall. I am 5'10",180 pounds. I have short brown hair. An green eyes. I live a pretty active lifestyle. Working out 6 days a week. I also like to play sports. Whatever they offer at the time.
    I am in search of building new friendships. with people from all walks of life. I am a very honest, compassionate, loyal, fun loving man with a huge heart. I do not pre-judge people. I intend on getting to know someone for who they are today. And not off of mistakes they may have made in their life. I do not use drugs of any kind. Nor do I drink alcohol.
    Upon my release I have a lot of goals. I'd like to accomplish many things. I want to give back. I plan on dedicating a big part of my life to helping other people. I have found, that I receive the absolute most pleasure in my life when I am helping people who are less fortunate. I plan to share my story, the hardships, the pains, and the happiness as well. In hopes that I can change the direction of a struggling child's life, or young adults life. where it may be headed down a dark path. Hoping after they hear my story. it can help them see there is a different path that won't lead to jail or prison.
    I look forward to hearing from anyone, who's looking to embark on this journey of building new friendships. Feel free to go to to set up an account free of cost. all you'll need is my name and my number.
    Anthony Randall 656069. or you can hand write letters and send to this address.
    Anthony Randall #656069
    878 Coitsville Hubbard rd.
    Youngstown Ohio 44505.
    Take care. Hope to hear from ya soon. Sincerely Anthony.

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