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White Oh Man, serving Life, needs friend

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  • White Oh Man, serving Life, needs friend

    Wait! Wait! Don't Miss Port!

    Hello Stranger, They say a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet, so lets meet! My name is Port. I am a six foot 5 inch 260 pound, pure country boy! I'm just looking for some true friendship. It's been my experience that when you have true friends in your corner, nothing becomes "everything", loneliness becomes "happiness", and with sharing comes "caring"

    I am also seeking stimulating, but curious conversations, positive criticism, and open avenue of sharing dreams, hopes, ideas and goals. My interests are sports, reading, all music, poetry, writing and working out.

    I am not a judgmental person, nor should you be. Those that know me will say, I'm open minded, a great listener, and laid back. I hope I caught your eye, and receive a reply. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    If you write via jpay, please add your return address in the email.

    Port is serving a life sentence and can be reached via Jpay, or snail mail:

    Port Miler A636-841

    Southern Ohio Correctional

    PO Box 45699

    Lucasville, OH 45699

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