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How did you meet your MWI?

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  • Originally posted by jasmine0226 View Post
    I met my fiance working through aramark services and I wanted to know do you think they will let you visit?
    You too? I just quit from Aramark not that long ago! They should I think it just depends on the state you worked at. Michigan doesn't really have that many rules on it, I know texas you have to wait two years.


    • Okay, guess I can share my story here too. Everyone else's is so inspiring.

      I had just started working for a private contractor for the food service at the prison. Before we even went in there we had watched a bunch of repetitive videos of how you aren't allowed to have sex with an inmate (yes apparently that part takes ten training videos to get that point across) and how NOT to get feelings for an inmate. When I watched that portion of the video I just kind of laughed to myself, saying "Oh this will not be a problem, I just got cheated on, I'm in the phase of all men are pigs. I got this."
      How I was ooooooh so wrong. When we went in there, I felt like a lost puppy dog. I was so nervous as soon as a clip board got into my hands it was my saftey blanket. That's when I saw him. He was standing next to the can opener, going about his job, and staring like everyone else was because we were all new. Starting anywhere I'm a shy quiet person. He had just kind of smiled at me warmly and said I looked like a deer caught in headlights. After the training wheels came off and I was off on my own, I started to shine. I rarely had any problems with any of the inmates, mostly because I was polite, and always smiling and bouncing around. We would talk, but not much. I had issues at first working there because there wasn't a coffee machine. Finally my boss got us one, and that day as soon as they said he came through the doors I jumped up, squealed and took the machine from him. Apparently I was very entertaining around there. I finally got to have a cup of coffee. I sat in the tool room, this look of pure bliss on my face, and I saw him staring at me intently.
      "What? I'm enjoying my coffee," I had pouted.
      "And I'm enjoying you enjoying your coffee," he joked back. We had started going back and forth after that, at one point he made a joke to another inmate when I was in earshot saying "That's Mr. Henson to you!"
      He always knew how to make me smile when I was sad, and help me when I was stressed. It was like, he knew what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. Like he knew me for years, but we had just started working together. Needless to say I no longer work there, and they rode him out after they stuck him with some tickets for a 'cotton blanket and one to many pencil sharpeners'. So he's currently up almost in Canada with his phone privileges taken away until July 15. We're going to make it though, I have a gut feeling he's the one, and he feels the same. We both know this is just a speed bump and we can get through it.


      • I have a long time friend who is incarcerated in upstate NY, he had an add on a pen pal site and he called and asked me to login and take it down. His boyfriend didnt want it up anymore cause my friend was getting mail from
        I didnt even know there were pen pal sites for inmates only, as I was on the site I saw the profile for "B". My first honest reaction was he was very attractive so of course I wanted to read his profile to see what his story was. At first I didnt think about writing him but my mind kept going back to him. I asked my friend in prison what he thought and he reminded me that not all guys in prison are monsters and there really are some good guys in there, crime aside of course, he said I should think about just sending a letter to say hi and that maybe he just needs a friend. After sleeping on it for a few days I realized that something just kept pulling me back to him. I felt this strong need to write, so I did. We hit it off 1st letter....not romance just friends and then best friends. As of lately its become more, its as though Ive known him all my life. Sometimes you have to go through alot of frogs to find a prince even if they are in the most inconvenient place as prison...LOL


        • Hello all!!
          I am new to this site and have been enjoying all of your stories. I am devastated and terrified right now. I met my guy in the prison that I work at. We met because he was in a group that I was teaching. To make a long story short: the prison found out about our relationship. I was walked out and put on suspension and he was placed in segregation. They really do not have anything on us but we have to wait for the investigation to be over. I am not going back there though for fear that he will be shipped out to another facility. I am going crazy not being able to talk to him or see him, as I have been able to see him and see his smile and touch his hand every day. I miss him terribly and since he is in seg, there is no contact. I know that I can not be added on his visitation list and if I send him letters, will he get them? I just don't know what to do. They are trying to say that I brought in contraband to him, which is untrue. Can somebody please give me some advice before I lose my mind? I need to be able to tell him that I love him so much and I am going to wait for him. He has 8 months left, which is not that long, but feels like an eternity. Thanks for anything anyone has to offer me.
          [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Every day that passes is a day further from the last time I saw you, but it is also a day closer to the next time I will kiss you. [/FONT]


          • How I met him:

            My dad was a youth minister at a church in Indiana. One particular day the church received a letter from a man in the county jail asking for some bibles for him and other men in the jail. After six months of getting all the necessary paperwork completed so my dad could meet him, he FINALLY had a chance. My 16th birthday was coming up so my dad suggested to him that he send me a letter and said we could be penpals. Just 4 days before my birthday I received a letter. My dad didn't tell me I was expecting mail or that he told someone in jail that they could write me. I remember it being awkward at first because I've never received mail from anyone in jail. We hit it off right away. This was 2001. Somewhere in the course of me just being me and getting to know each other over some time, we began to love me in 2002. I didn't feel the same right away. Just a couple months into writing we found out which prison he was going to be sent to, which was Pendleton. Eventually I did end up having mutual feelings and we became a couple. However, his sentence was just beginning and he received some hefty time for his crime. He felt like he was going to hold me back in life. He knew I wanted to one day marry and have kids, but if I were going to have that kind of future with him I'd be waiting a long time. So, upon our discussions and his "requests", I moved on. I still loved him, that never stopped. I married my first husband and that marriage lasted a year and 8 months. Less than a year later I met my second husband and after a year and a half of dating, we married. Well, back in February of this year my husband said he wanted to separate, so in hopes of saving my marriage, I agreed. The plans he told me were not the plans he really had in mind. After a couple weeks passed I found out the truth. Now, both of these men that I was married to did not want me writing him. With my first husband, I didn't write. Jpay wasn't around then for me to do it behind his back like my second husband. Well, long story short after some time passed and I knew I didn't care about my second husband, I finally got back on Jpay to tell him what was going on in my life and why I had been absent for some time in mailing him. On 4/25/14 he asked me to be his girl again. And of course I said yes! I told him that I was done moving forward in life without him being the one beside me. We began as penpals in 2001 and here we are 13 years later, a couple


            • Well, to start off I retired from the Navy after 20 years and moved to Tennessee to help my folks out. I've never lived here. My folks retired from the Marine Corps the month I joined the Navy, so I know no one except my family in this small town. And a few of my sisters friends, whom I wouldn't consider friends. One friend "S" mother of two children a little boy who is 3 and the most adorable 18 month old. My sister baby sat them while their mom went to school. A month after moving here a year ago my sister was venting to me about her best friend who found himself in trouble and in prison in Texas. She told me she didn't know what to do for him because, his folks won't reply to his letters or answer his calls. Then she told me his so called girlfriend ("S") was cheating on him and not writing him or answering his calls. He kept asking my sister what's going on, but she didn't want to tell him "S" was cheating on him... Oh and when he left for prison she was 8 months pregnant with his child. So, when my sister was venting I simply said give me his address, I'll write him, she looked at me and said but you don't know him, I said I can be a pen pal, on my deployments away from friends and family sucks and add the no mail into the mix I would hate to be in his shoes. So, I wrote him and introduced myself and that was it. Over the letters we began feeling something for one another, then we started talking to each other, and then I began watching his baby girl so he could talk to her. We fell in love! Now I have temporary custody of his baby girl, because "S" found herself in trouble. I'm hoping my love will be out by thanksgiving if not earlier... Thanks for letting me tell my crazy story, my family especially my kids think I'm crazy for falling in love with someone in prison. I told them I feel like This was meant to happen!
              DAH & MAK


              • She posted an ad online. I replied just for a pen-pal, nothing else. It grew into this amazing relationship. The only woman in the world that can read my emotions and thoughts over the phone. I love her for her wit, sharp mind, and incredible sense of humor. We are getting married this December. She is scheduled for release next year. I have never met anyone like her in my life. We video chat 1-2 times a week and talk on the phone at least twice a day. I send her 2-3 letters a week. She has never asked me for a single thing. I surprised her on the video chat a few weeks ago by proposing with a ring. Then the next week was her birthday, so I made a cake with candles and sang her happy birthday on vchat. I have never been so happy in my entire life.


                • Me and my man actually met in high school. I was a freshman and he was a senior but we was both in relationships but we always had a thing for each other. He was always in to the girls that would be down to do whatever and i have never been that kind of girl plus my boyfriend was just a safer choice because he was on the right track while my man has always been in and out of jail since high school. Well long story short he got locked up in 2011 we lost contact and he asked his sister to find me and get my info so i gave it to her and we ended up falling in love. I go see him every week and we talk twice a day. We made it official October 4, 2014. He will be home December 1, 2015 and i cant wait.


                  • First post here I answered his ad on a penpal site just wanting to exchange with someone from a different background. I'm not even sure why I chose him, I had a few profiles that caught my interest and I planned on sending a bunch of letters in the hopes that I would make a connection with 1-2 of them, however he's the first one I wrote to and we clicked very quickly. Never got around to send letters to the other ones that I had saved lol


                    • I me my Queen by answering a pen pal ad. I used jpay to message her and she called me a few days later. I knew from the first time we talked that she was the person for me. We talk on the phone usually twice a day and email probably like 5 times a day. We also video visit once a week. We met in person for the first time last month and will see each other in August and then every 3 months. She is in the next state over in Ohio but is definitely worth the travel. Every time I receive a letter or call my smile is really big. She is the most important person in my life. I love her to death. In April we got engaged. I made her a picture and she accepted. She doesn't know this but I want her to have the whole getting on one knee thing. So I am gonna be doing that in August. Except I won't have a ring. I have really enjoyed everybody's stories, they are so precious!


                      • I am so happy for you!


                        • F*K
                          (Think of Me/Thinking Bout You)
                          Franke Wrightine

                          _This is simply aFictional Image of what reality has given. _

                          Hello, My names DIANA MARIA WRYGHTRE and I am interviewing my grandparent’s good friends and old neighbors Franke & Kristopher Bay. Who met back in 2019 online under the most unique of circumstances and still made it through 30 more years of their lives together and stronger than ever. They have lived here and there but have stayed just outside the Nashville Tennessee border for the better half of the last five years?; So I am going to start off by asking how did this all start, where was the first step in this.

                          ‘Well Kris and I have argued this point but I guess if you are looking at the technical side of it all: We met in quite the oldest fashion of ways, especially when it came to the way we first began our communication. I actually started the chain of events that brought us both here. I had watched this stupid show called “Love After Lockup” and it had these Gawd awful relationships going out of simple and genuine connections, between the caged lifestyle and the outside world.
                          But the women were just delusional, I mean i understood the loneliness that got them to where they were, but then once their loved one was out. they had this idea or plan in stone without even thinking of the other’s intention, reaction or input. I mean-Anyhow, i thought id be able to do it myself so I looked up the sites they used and once i saw it was prepaid. it kinda detoured me. Till I found one that just simply gave them a page it was up to you to send the first message. So, I sent a couple other guys messages, which went unanswered. and then i made a JPay cause i saw that come up allot as a form of communication, On the pages of these men.

                          Now O won’t say i went after him cause i was new to this field. So i didn’t know how to approach it all. So after i ran out of my allowed messages, i looked him up and added him to my JPay, just to see how it worked. nothing to it. But then I got a message about a week or two after making the account and it was just a simple:

                          hey franke how are you doing i just seen your name pop up n my jpay and wanted to say hey and see who this is.

                          I was truly just happy i got a message. but i had to pay. So i just took a real chance and BOY Was it a chance. 17 bucks for 40 stamps, meaning letters. And with the app, three of those were a 30 second video. So this was basically a long shot. And then the second letter came in and just the honesty and pure openness was very refreshing and attractive. Of course you are and have to be very cautious of how to handle these situations. Especially with anyone new- the stamps were nothing-if we never had text or email it was the same as buying a book of stamps just to write a stranger you liked on a personal ad.

                          So he and I just got to writing. some times we would go into long rants-we meaning me. but he kept it real and sweet. Before I knew it, he was calling me baby and I was calling him bubba. And I could not get enough of his responses. I was just so use to them. What I loved is that there was a clear boundary line when it came to the cliche red flags, like rushing into anything, or titles as well as money. I made sure he knew i was just a simple cashier with Minimum wage. And i would help with what i could. But of course theat first time getting to know and filing for someone is hard and not only hard but terrifying and i made sure he knew what he was doing. i wanted clear and honest communication. So i told him. It terrified me just how into him i was. And before the call-ugh the call, Before the call, i told him the way i felt of feeling something strong for him. And he was the sweetest, i he ‘insured’ me that he really do liked me and we we’re on the same page with one another . I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

                          And Then that first phone call, Gawd, that first phone call had me. you had me. And I think you know you had me. I mean his accent is the hottest with that sweet tone and kind words. I-I was done. i was in it for the win. The phone call was I believe 15 mins and just four dollars out of the 13 i put down. It was about a month after we started actually talking and remember it was a pain just to get through. cause my phone plan was not taking collect calls. I remember I kept saying: i can’t believe how hard it was just to get in contact with a human being.

                          Yeah you were really pissed. I remember that letter.

                          IWell its true. it took everywhere and everything i had just to get a fricking call-excuse me a call. And it was just annoying till i figured, you know what i will just use the land line. I was living with my parents and my eldest sibling as well as his 19 kids. exaggeration but still true. But anyhow, i got him to call me and i was so happy to just hit accept and get a chance to hear the prince that found me. I was smiling like a fool just talking to him. He ha me. he still has me. And all i could think from then on, cant wait to see whats next. And what will one day be.