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    I don't really know where to start, I met her when she was still free. It has been 13 years to try to contact her again. I didn't do it before by school. It is not so difficult to deduce who I am talking about, we study together in saint martin, cole county. Every day, I thought she would never have made such a lake. Every day I thought I'd see her again. Seeing her on the news filled me with a sadness that I couldn't explain. I remember it as if it were yesterday, I was sitting outside the classroom, it was raining that day, I was alone and the rain was falling on me under a tree. She approached me, sat next to me, today is a good day to smile, she told me.
    I didn't answer anything, just turned to see her, and she smiled at me. That day something in my change, I just sat on the last bench, watching her and thinking about her. I used to go unnoticed by all my classmates, including her. My teacher always said that I was special, that I shouldn't be in that classroom, but I refused, just because of her. I even got to go to the local church to see her, but she never paid attention to me. I was just in the corner, sitting just thinking about her and dedicating a few words in my head, which I never told her. She was the coolest girl in the classroom, always wanted to get attention, something that got her into trouble sometimes. One day there was a party to which everyone was invited, if it were not so, I would never have gone there. No one even remembered my name, I was the weird boy at school. That day I was especially thinking about telling her everything I thought about her. I had in my pocket a bracelet that I wanted to give her, there were many boys and girls in that house, she was in the kitchen, I remember that I was shaking as I approached her, until a boy hugged her and stopped me, I stayed Between the kitchen and the living room, I couldn't move, I just looked at them. I went back to the door and sat on the stairs that were outside, windy, they all passed me by one side, I just stood there. Sad for not telling her what I had expected so much. I returned home walking, the party was not far away. I arrived at my room and did not leave there for the whole weekend. I still believe today nobody remembers that I was there.
    That is one of the stories I experienced, before she was sent to prison in WERDCC.
    I will write them all here, according to time. Greetings

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    Love The Story

    Thanks for sharing

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