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  • Important Question about release

    First off this is my first time dealing with being with an inmate that is being released so the questions I'm going to ask might seem stupid but they are important to me. I'm in Michigan and my fiancÚ is getting released tomorrow from the Saginaw Correctional Facility (at least he is supposed to be). My first question is He hasn't called since Saturday morning so I'm not positive he is getting out like he told me is there a way I can find out? Second is it normal for them to not call a few days before they are to be released? Unfortunately I'm not picking him up because I don't know the area we paid someone to give him a ride to my house so I'm hoping that is still happening. I'm the type of person that worries if I don't hear from my fiancÚ is that normal? Can someone please help me out with my questions? I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Sorry I put this in the wrong spot but I still hope someone can help me.


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      Sometimes prison facilities cut everything off from the offender so many days before their release, maybe that is what is going on.

      Here is a link to the Michigan Department of Corrections Inmate Search maybe it shows the date of release

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