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A Prayer for Inmates

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  • A Prayer for Inmates

    I wasn't really sure where to post this but I thought I would share the daily prayer I say for the inmates I know.

    I pray that these men come to understand that your worst deed does not define you. That as long as each shall live he has an opportunity to begin anew. Please protect them from other inmates who wish to harm them, staff that do not acknowledge their humanity and the unrelenting temptations they face everyday.

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    Good prayer, Sometimes it takes encouragement from family & friends to let them know we all fall down but we must get back up, learn from the mistake & move forward without dwelling on the past. Its a shame that staff has no compassion, from the TDCJ executive director to the security guard. Hopes that none of their love ones get incarcerated.
    Fight your battle on your knees


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      amen....I pray that God would just send His Spirit to walk thru the prisons, convicting hearts and changing lives...causing hearts to turn to Him, whether it be an inmate, CO, Warden, whoever in those walls...I pray for mercy, grace and protection. Ill admit when my son first went my prayers were mainly for him...I hadn't dealt with prison on such a personal level before...but coming to know the, for lack of a better word, crap that goes on in there and the bs that they put up I just began to pray for the whole system...still praying and believing that a mighty move will happen, things will be revised, humanity restored...prison on its own is punishment enough without the added crap.


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