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  • son just completed evaluation

    My son just completed evaluation and arrive at his new home 700 miles away from me. I only have a little over a year before he's due out, but wanted to see who else is here waiting. Looking at the dates on the posts, I see people post and leave and the posts stay on the board.

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    Hello, I am new to this forum but your title stuck out to me. My son just arrived at the reception center..I do not understand things so I take it one day at a time. I am still awaiting his evaluation to be completed. A question, was his evaluation at the same place he was assigned? what I am reading is that my son may end up somewhere else.

    This is my sons first time in prison, jail or trouble, so just looking for conversations that will help me through this time.

    have a great day


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      I too am waiting to hear from my boyfriend who left the county jail last Wednesday and I have not heard from him =( I know he is in the Jester 1 unit in Richmond TX but that's it =( I have been searching like crazy to see how long till they get set up or can have visits, if I will get to visit too. I have read on some posts where some prisons won't let girlfriends have contact visits =( I was the only one for three months who went to see him twice a week at the county jail his family never wanted to go. We are talking he is a good man but he is an alcoholic =( his charge was for drinking while on probation mtr and they sent him to safp in hopes to help his habit. I am all for helping him and glad they have a recovery for him and he wants help too. But would be nice to hear or see him too. We were told he would go for 6 or 9 months but they never told us which one. I am thinking Jester 1 unit is always nine months but not sure. Saw a post of someone who was there in 2009 have not found anyone who has information on Jester so if anyone has any information I would really appreciate it =) Thank You