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    When he went to jail my dad was also it was double pain for me...then my dad passed...and he got sentenced....some charges were dropped....we expected ALL charges to get dropped to me it felt like I lost two VERY important people......IT HURT SO BAD............................................... ....then I lost ALOT of care in the world....lost my apt.....truck got stole.....and more and more happened.....i still havent FULLY recovered....but im taking it one day at a time.....I am getting to the point where I can manage again......I didnt realize how bad things were until I lost EVERYTHING...........this struggle and lose made me a BETTER STRONGER WOMAN.....AND I wouldnt trade this experience for ANYTHING ....cause I learned alot ALONG THE WAY!!!!!

    MRS. JOHNSON we got MARRIED !!!!


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      This is such a good thread, it's a shame it slowed down. It helps to see that you're not the only one and there are ways to overcome the worst. Just not easy. When my husband was arrested in 2009, I thought my whole life was over. I had contemplated suicide, but my beliefs don't allow it and I'm thankful for that now. At first I couldn't see the hope and now I'm so close to him coming home. It's really hard to believe that the worst will pass. Not that it will be the same, but we've both learned to enjoy the smaller things in life compared to indulging in the finer things in life. I've taught my self to paint with watercolors, and many other crafts, like beading. Being creative has always been a part of me, but my first husband wanted to control everything I did. So, now it's been my outlet, and I send pictures of my latest project to my husband and he just keeps encouraging me, and wanting more. If it wasn't for his encouragements and strength, I most certainly would have fallen apart. I thought I was supposed to be strong for him, but as it turned out he stayed strong because of me. Over the past few years, we both have learned to be stronger. I now have the strength to hold him up when he's down and he certainly holds me up. Also one other thing has helped, the Christmas before he went in, he gave me a little dog. To keep me company.


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        This thread and site helps me so much. I met my now Hubby over a year ago when i went to see another man. My guy was in the room with his Mom and her boyfriend. I was so impressed with the man i saw sitting with them. She has been there for him the whole 27 years he's bben in and only miised a year when he was sent to Virginia to help start a lwa library. To make a long story short, we started writing and then he was transferred and i went to sse him for the first time. Even though he was in a place i never thought God would send me to meet my Husband to be, God sent me there. I'm not sure if it was love at first sight, divine intervention, soulmates meeting or just what, but i knew he was the man of my future. We dated in prison and fell in love totally. We did talk about a relationship and could I handle his sentence. Well, God gvae him to me, so who am i to question God? We did decide that we would have to trust each other, be totally honest, respect each other, love each other in the simple ways we are allowed, communicate as much as we can, honor the love that we were given and continue to be there for each other thru it all. There's times that the 3 hour drive sucks, but then, at the end of it is "OUR TIME" Tes, i walk around the home that i hope we can share someday, not knowing when and if, just praying God will make it happen. We talk on the phone two times a day at least. We jpay, snail mail, send secure paks,a dn do whatever we can to hold it together. he was a bad boy on drugs when he did his crime and now's he's a good man who needs a break. I see hw the CO's are with him and theytalk to me about the ,man he is, so i can wait and be there for him. i do volunteer work for a cat rescue and send time with family as I'm retired now. Walking around where we will walk together helps to. I just know that since i live so far from him, it was the plan of God for us to be together and so He'll make it right for us. We just have to be patient. Oh, I didn't wait for him to ask me to marry him cause i knew he was right for me. he said he was afrid to ask me cause of the life I wouldn't have ad he ddn't wanna committ me to a life without him for awhile. I told him that I'm never without him cause he's alwys alive in my heart, mind, spirit, soul and I can wait for th body part, but in the meantime, i can dream some sweet and sexy dreams and they keep me sane to. A prison wife is in there to, but it can be as good or better than some have out here. Right man, right love. can't beat it. i can wait cause God gave me the patience of Job. Amen! TC&GB


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          I see this thread started in 2009 but this is a topic that does not get old. You have seen how I have posted about me as a woman in love with a man serving a life sentence without parole, a relationship that has ended although unknowingly to each other we both wrote to each other (letters crossed on the way to us) and we each got our letters last week. We each wrote a very nice letter telling each other our hearts are good towards each of us, this doesn't mean we are back because we are not, but we are leaving all as it should be, in a very good place. We were good to each other while we were in contact we want to be good to each other now.

          Now, about this thread, something I have not post about is my son. My son is the youngest of my three adult kids and he has been in jail three times for driving under the influence and in his last problem with the law was for driving with a suspended driver license and for trying to get away from the police instead of stopping and therefore speeding through the city with a police car behind his late at night. For that he was going to get 3 years in state prison.

          To go with my son to court knowing he will not come back with me of course sank my heart. To go to court and see my son as an inmate was really hard… to visit him with a glass between us didn’t allowed me to touch him and kiss him which I always wanted to do. My son's problem is drinking, other than that he is a very sweet guy and not violent at all, so of course that worried me that he would be a target for others inside jail and inside state prison given that his nature is to be a nice guy towards others.

          What worked for me? Prayer... the two first times of him being in jail, I would go outside the jail at nights, park and pray. I would pray for my son and all the others inside with him. I would pray for the person in charge of the jail, the guards, and the staff. I would then bind in the name of Jesus the spirits of violence and all spirits I could think would be inside there. I would cover my son with the precious blood of Jesus, armed him with the armor of God in Ephesians 6: 13-15 and I would do the same for anybody inside in need of God’s protection. I would pray for healing for all the wounds in them that cause them to be violent. As a Christian, I would use the name of Jesus with all the authority I have as a daughter of God to use His name to protect my son inside.

          When he would tell me of how he at times escaped situations in which he could have been badly harmed, I thanked God for protecting him and I knew I was in the right path to be in constant prayer for him. There were interventions of other inmates to protect him...

          The third time he got in trouble and had just been arrested after a failed attempted to escape arrest, the first day, I went to my parish chapel and first I thanked God because the police didn’t kill him in trying to stop him as I have seen happen on the news at times. I was also very concern of the three strikes, if this would make those three strikes and he is there for life... I cried and cried, I told Jesus that my prayers that day were my tears, the second day I went to the chapel and I talked to Jesus about my son for about three hours and the third day I remembered how He is always calling us to worship even when we are sad, so I took the songs book and sang (didn’t matter if it was with a sad heart) all the songs I knew the melody to… after the chapel was closed late at night, I went home and I had a message from my daughter that my son had called her to go and pick him up! He was allowed to go home until court day!

          In the end he had a judge that was after him big time and told him straight out he was getting three years state prison and so I prayed for a new judge and it happened! By the time of the final court date that judge was absent and the new judge whom I had heard was known for being very fair in his judgments, sentenced my son to three years of probation instead of three years at a state prison.

          So, prayer worked for me… for my heart and for his situation. He is now doing really good, has not drank since 2 years, got his license back after a year and drives to work with a breathalyzer in his car and has passed all the times the probation officer has come with policemen to check on him, and has passed all the times he has been tested for alcohol. My son is now going to college and has five more months of probation. I am very grateful to God for this amazing gift, so prayer and constantly, constantly protecting him with the precious blood of Jesus and the armor of God is what worked for me. I now do the same for the man I love no matter we are no longer in contact but every day I pray for him and protect him as I did and continue to do with my son.

          Sorry I wrote so much…