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    I think we all feel lonely when we loose our loved ones to the system! I spent every day with my fiance up until the day he got arrested and i went through hell without him i couldnt sleep becouse he wasnt next to me i couldnt wake up without crying cause he wasnt there to kiss me good morning! I cant say it necessarily gets easier cause i still miss him like he just left me today! Try and keep yourself busy it helps and write lots of letters it helps to releive some of the pain my fiance told me to do that and i use to tell him its not the same but when i finally did listen it really did work! Hope this helps im still trying to learn new ways to cope with missing my baby! I get to talk to him tommorrow cant wait keep ur head up honey i know what ur going through its hard but u can do this!


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      I've been the mom,sister,brother,cousin,finance,best-friend to my finance....He got locked up while we were staying with his mom and sister we both were new to the state so we kinda had no choice...He has been in county for 16 months and is barely getting transfered to prison we have 3 kids together and i have been and will be doing it all.....Family cant be trusted at times if i put receipts together whatever they have ever bought,gave or loaned him will never amount to what i have done for him it's sad that you would think they would be the main ones concerned about their loved one but No! there is so many selfish people out there and most of it is your own family and to me that is so sad.......
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        The "Prison Wife" is the forgotten one, as she waits at home for her husband. Our society takes care of the sick, the dyimg, the homeless, but the prisoner's wife is alone and forgotten.

        She is faced with insurmountable,emotional, psychological, social, stigmatization, health problems to face alone, children to take care of. She keeps the household "together," until her husband comes home. She works, pays the bills, pays the mortgage or rent, the car payments, insurances. She takes care of the children, repairs for the house, and just about everything else under the sun. Holidays and birthdays come and go. She is alone and lonely, most often faced with depression.
        Most find it difficult to even face another day. She lives in hiding because she is afraid the neighbors may find out. So she lies and says he is on a "business" trip, to protect herself...after all, the neighbors would be shocked to know a criminal's wife lives next door to them. And, what does she tell the children? No one wants to let their child play with a criminal's child.

        When her husband leaves for prison, the wife goes through a period of "grieving." She goes through the same "grieving process" that a widow goes through. The only difference is that the widow can eventually move on, while the prison wife cannot. The Prison Wife is a "wife," without a husband. She cannot go out and socialize, and it is difficult to make new friends, as she feels she is being "unfaithful" to her husband.

        After a certain amount of time (months or even years), it is acceptable in our socity for the widow to step out, and start dating and even re-marry. The Prison Wife who is faithful and dedicated to her husband does not have this option....some women wait years for their man to return...10 , even 20 or more years.

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