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As It Shall Be

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  • As It Shall Be


    Your range of available choices right now has no limits.
    The only limits you have are in your mind.
    You've got it in you to succeed.
    Just make up your mind and stick with it.

    You weren't born with any limits on your powers or any set limits to your capacity.
    At any moment, you have more possibilities than you can act upon.

    Imagine your possibilities and your vision expands.
    Capture your dreams in your mind and your life becomes full.
    Reach out and touch the limits of your being in your mind.

    You can, because you think you can.

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    As It Shall Be


    "Keep trying" is the rule that must be followed to be successful at anything

    Your success will always be connected with your actions.
    Just keep moving towards your goal.
    You'll make mistakes but don't ever quit.
    You may even have to hang on after others have let go.

    Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle,
    to do all that's necessary to reach your goal.

    In the end, the only people who fail are those that do not try.
    To achieve something great takes time and persistence.


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      As It Shall Be


      Everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were.
      Your opportunity for success is right in front of you.

      To attain success or to reach your goal,
      don't worry about having all the answers in advance.
      You just need to have a clear idea of your goal and move toward it.

      Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem.
      Break your problems into parts and handle one part at a time.

      Develop a tendency toward action.
      You can make something happen today.
      Break your big plan for success into small steps and take the first step right away.

      Success starts with a first step.


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        As It Shall Be


        Freedom is the right to live as you wish.
        If you wish to free yourself from enslavement, you must choose freedom
        and the responsibility it entails.
        There's a price for every freedom, something to be given up for every liberty.

        It's up to you to weigh the price you must pay for each of your freedoms.
        And everything you want has a price.

        Freedom is the opportunity to make decisions.
        It's the capacity to take a hand in your own development.
        Freedom is the right to choose.
        It's the right to create for yourself the alternatives of choice.

        No one is free who is not master of himself.
        You are free to do whatever you like.
        You need only face the consequences of your actions.


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          As It Shall Be


          Wanting success isn't sufficient enough to get it.
          You have to ask yourself,
          "What am I going to do to get the things I want?"

          Your problem is how to bridge the gap which exists
          between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.

          You cannot fail with a definite step-by-step plan,
          because each step carries you along to the next step, like a track.
          All you need is the plan, the road map,
          and the courage to press on to your destination.

          You cannot get lost on a straight road.


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            As It Shall Be


            How things look on the outside of you always depends
            on how things are on the inside of you.

            Your thoughts have brought you to where you are today.
            Your actions always mirror your thoughts.
            Take a good look at where you are and what you're doing,
            and you can understand what you've been thinking.
            Your mind is your true essence.

            Your behavior is the perpetual revealing of yourself.
            What you do, tells everyone who and what you are.

            Change your thoughts and you can change your position in life.
            You can start this process at anytime.
            Why not start today?


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              As It Shall Be


              You don't have to buy from anyone.
              You don't have to work at any particular job.
              You don't have to participate in any given relationship.
              You can choose.

              You steer the course you choose in the direction
              of where you want to be today, tomorrow,
              or in a distant time to come.
              You hold the tiller.

              You can decide to alter the course of your life at any time.
              No one can ever take that away from you.
              You can decide what you want and go after it.
              It's always your next move.


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                As It Shall Be


                Your dreams are your visions of where you'll be after the battle,
                your prize at the end of your journey to success.
                Your goals are the steps you take to finally attain your prize.

                Unless you're willing to work hard and establish some discipline in your life,
                all of your dreams will be pipe dreams,
                little mental fantasy trips that will never materialize.

                Make concrete steps toward fulfilling your ultimate dream,
                and start with solid objectives called goals.
                Your dreams are where you want to go, your goals are how you get there.

                The first indispensable step to getting the things you want out of life is this:
                decide what you want.

                Don't be afraid to think big and dare to be great.
                Dreamers are not content with mediocrity.
                They never dream of going half way.

                People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.


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                  As It Shall Be

                  MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY

                  You have the power and the opportunity to change your life.
                  You can make anything you want of it.
                  It's not difficult, it just takes some effort.

                  See things as you would have them be instead of as they are.
                  Develop a personal plan that focuses on what you want,
                  not on what you have.

                  Your imagination will show you how to turn possibility into reality.
                  Visualize your goals and your subconscious will work
                  toward making those mental picture come true.

                  When you picture yourself as vividly winning,
                  that alone will contribute immeasurably to your success.

                  Knowing your destination is all you need to get there.
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                    As It Shall Be

                    SUCCESS IS YOURS IF YOU WANT IT

                    You have control over your life.
                    Success or failure is up to you.
                    You control how lucky you are.
                    You create your wealth with your effort.

                    There are no age limits on when you can transform your life.
                    Change is possible at any time.
                    It is essential if you want to grow.

                    The doubts you'll experience along the way are part of life.
                    Make a plan to attain your success and stick to it.
                    Your life is a marathon, not a short sprint.
                    Accept total responsibility for your actions
                    and remove "QUIT" from your vocabulary.

                    Decide you want success and it can be yours.
                    Success is always your choice.


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                      As It Shall Be


                      Your greatest success and happiness in life will be found when you use your natural abilities to their fullest extent. Happiness is not having or being. It's in the doing.
                      The essence of true wisdom is to know that rest is rust, and that real life is activity, laughter, and love.
                      You were created to conquer your environment, to solve problems, and to achieve goals. You'll find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.
                      Yes, there is true happiness. It's found in doing a job well done, in achieving a worthy goal, in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem.
                      Your personal growth itself contains the seed of happiness.


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                        As It Shall Be

                        OVERCOME YOUR FEARS WITH ACTION

                        Do the thing you fear and fear disappears.
                        Confront your fears, list them, get to know them and only then will you be able to put them aside and move ahead.

                        Your obstacles will melt away, if instead of cowering before them, you make up your mind to walk boldly through them.

                        One of the greatest surprises you'll experience, is when you discover that you can do what you were afraid you couldn't do.

                        The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. When you face the things that scare you, you open the door to freedom.


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                          As It Shall Be

                          IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO MAKE IT, YOU WILL

                          Success is a road paved with perseverance. The odds are with you if you keep trying.
                          There is no failure except in not trying. You cannot be beaten at anything, until you quit in your own mind. There is no defeat except from within.
                          You have no really insurmountable barrier except your own inherent weakness of purpose.
                          Consider yourself on a very long journey. Sustain your personal vision of success. In the end, you can only fail if you do not try.
                          Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is.


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                            As It Shall Be

                            Success Is Determined On The Drawing Board

                            It isn't enough to just want to be successful. You've got to ask yourself: "What are you going to do to get the things in life you want?"

                            Your problem is to bridge the distance which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach. Planning brings your future into the present so you can do something about it now.

                            Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done. All you need is a good plan, and the courage to press on to your destination.

                            A well built house is started with a definite purpose and a set of blueprints. Your plan should provide the pattern for the actions you'll take. Take time each day to study, think and plan.
                            Plan your steps, then implement your plan, then review your results. Do this frequently and make the appropriate alterations to your plan, and you'll develop the power that will bring you to success.

                            No one was ever lost on a straight road.