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  • child in prison

    Hello! My child is sentenced to 8 years for aggrivated robbery. My heart breaks daily. He is also in another state so I can only see him when I can get time off to take the drive. Anyone else in the same situation?

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    I'm in Texas, my youngest is in Colorado and my oldest is in Utah

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      I am in Texas. as is my son, I haven't seen him in 14 months. such a long drive. I sure miss him, as I know you do also!


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        I miss him something terrible. He is so young!! How old is your son?


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          My son is also in Texas. I am in Oklahoma. He has been gone 21 months. I just made it through his 22nd Birthday.


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            Welcome to Jpay. My son is in Texas. He got 10 years and will be eligible for parole next year. I'm praying he makes it. It breaks my heart to see him but I visit every other weekend. My hipusband and I are the only visitors he had. It's a 2 hour drive and hard on us but I will make the trip as long as he's there. I know in Texas if you live a certain distance away you can request special visits which are longer than my two hour ones.
            Mary Lewis-Mosqueda
            Houston, TX