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    arigato, this is me (maurice)

    i want to started off by saying i'm so happy to find this forums. im missing my dad very much, it's been 12 weeks since he's gone to prison for cultivated a salt and assalt with a deadly weapon. they slapped the deadly weapon charges on there when he admitted to wanted to kill his ex wifes (my moms) new boyfriend, marshaun. he got 5 years probably to do in prison accordion to his layer, after with he can mostly probably get out on parol. the only issue is i miss him so deeply its sucks to be alone without my dad at home and marshaun just picking on me. if he know how now he would probably be in the same situation again hehe..

    when we first teleported to americas when i was younger he nevr thought he'd be in the position his are now and quite frankly is there any1 who has experienced a way to get exported back to our home country? we're from the UK if that matters. anyway any1 with kind words please help me out in a sad time.. :'(
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