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Angel Tree (for a Prisoner's young Children)

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    Report on Angel Tree Christmas 2013

    Just read this on the Prison Fellowship weekly email newsletter. I found it really heart-warming, and reading it brought a few tears to the eyes....

    (NB this is a shortened version of the email)
    Each year, Prison Fellowship is overwhelmed by the generosity of the hundreds of thousands of Angel Tree volunteers who give their time to bring gifts and the Gospel to children of incarcerated parents all over the country. This year, approximately 375,000 prisoners’ children were reminded of their parents’ love and experienced Christ’s love – some for the very first time.

    Prison Fellowship has received so many positive reports about Angel Tree parties and deliveries this season. Here are a few of our favorite stories, reminding us of the blessing that Angel Tree is to prisoners, their children, caregivers, and Angel Tree volunteers:

    One participating church threw a huge Angel Tree party with door prizes, food, songs, crafts, and a Christmas message. A photographer snapped photos of the Angel Tree children having fun, and the children wrote thank-you notes to their incarcerated parents for their gifts. Then the church mailed the photos and cards to the prisoners.

    Here’s what one incarcerated father wrote in response to the card and photo he received: “Being in prison away from my family has been really hard on me especially during the holiday season. Then comes along the Angel Tree ministry. … When the corrections officer handed me your envelope and I opened it and saw the pictures you all sent me, I was stunned. … After I wiped away the tears from my eyes, I just sat there looking at the pictures over and over and over again. This was the best Christmas present I had ever received …”
    "The burden is not so heavy....when we all lighten each other's load"


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      Do they have the angel tree program at k.s.r reformatory


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        Originally posted by Neshalong View Post
        Do they have the angel tree program at k.s.r reformatory
        Here is a link to the Kentucky State Reformatory you can call and ask the secretary or his case worker/case manager.

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