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    My LO is at Chippewa, they recently increased taxes they take out of his $50 pay a month. He challenged it, was told he can get it back when he files taxes, except he doesnt make enough to file. Asked for copy of documents was told he had no right to see them! Who are these ppl that think they can just deny rights to see tax form? Any advice?

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    Here in Michigan-My husband works and they don't hold out taxes and hes an electrician. He doesn't make enough to file even . We are married so we can file jointly living seperately, but i can still claim him and he doesn't even get any kind of tax form from them cause he deosn't make enough to get one. H&R Block does my taxes, so maybe you can call and ask an office in your area. TC&GB


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      Hi, Mouse!

      There is no maximum income necessary to file a return. He might get earned income credit and other monies. He needs to keep track of all pay and deductions. If they do not send w-4 by mid-February, he can just file using his records. I've had to do this when places I worked closed down or just never sent tax documents. Go to the local library or AARP office for help completing tax return. HR Block is a bit pricey for this.

      Good luck and God Bless.
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