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I60 or I16? What is this? (For Texas)

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  • I60 or I16? What is this? (For Texas)

    I am hoping someone can help me!!! My sister-law's, Sarah, significant other, Michelle, called and said that Sarah got her I60 or I16 (it was hard to understand what she was saying) Form yesterday. I have no idea what Michelle is talking about, and she wasn't very helpful in telling me what it was. Sarah was granted parole, and we are still waiting for a release date. She has finished her required classes, release address has been verified, and I think the land-line phone has been or is about to be set up where she is being released to. Now, Michelle tells us that Sarah has gotten whatever that form is. Does anyone have any idea what that is?!

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    Offender Request To Official (I-60) Form

    Offenders can ask for help by using the Offender Request to Official (I-60) form. I-60 forms are available in living areas and in various other places on the unit. An offender asking for help should briefly write his problem or request on side 1 of the I-60 and fill in his name, number, date of the request, unit of assignment, living quarters and work assignment on the bottom. The offender should also complete side two of the form by checking the appropriate box, if one applies, and addressing it to the individual or department he is asking for help. If it is unknown which individual or department the I-60 should be addressed to, the unit Chief of Classification has been appointed as the point of personal contact for all offenders and will provide assistance and/or advice as needed. The I-60 can be sent through truck mail or placed in the appropriate box on the unit. A response, an appointment or some action should be made to the I-60 as soon as possible by the appropriate department or individual.

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