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Quarentine in Jackson

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  • Quarentine in Jackson

    My brother has been in for 1 week now, will he be able to write me while in quarentine ?

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    Are you asking about Jackson, MI? If so, they can as soon as they get stamped envelopes and have something to write on. I got my first letter from my husband when he had been gone about 3 weeks and he wrote on a pamphlet about tuberculosis or something. If you can get some money on his account quickly that helps them also.


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      wrote a letter a week through jpay so three in total. I see only the letter i wrote when I sent cash was opened ??The others dont seem to have been read yet....Yes Jackson is where he is residing at this time......


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        do not send any cash. they do have jpay in quarantine. who knows whats up with mdoc.........i hope u find out
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          I know jpay has been set up with the center now. Hoping I will hear from my guy soon. I bought email stamps but they still haven't opened the emails. I just want my guy to know I'm thinking about him and him not worry about me. I wish they would get him his pin to call home. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and he is probably going stir crazy in there. We were talking everyday multiple times while in county it seriously just sucks we can't talk to each other. But I'm getting money on his books Friday so he can write me at least. Even though I sent him a few emails I still dropped a couple letters in the mail for him. Idk, I'm missing him so much right now.