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Christmas & Birthday Cards

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  • Christmas & Birthday Cards

    I just wanted to let everyone know that every year I have the kids at my church send Christmas cards to inmates. So, I try to collect as many names as I can. If anyone has a name they want to add to my list just send the info to me. Also, if you have a date of birth you can pass that along also. We try to keep up with birthdays throughout the year. My BF is in Texas but we will send to any state. I just know how lonely they get and I want them to know they are not forgotten.


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    I would love to have my brother receive Christmas cards from others than myself. He does get so lonely and it seems the rest of my family has just given up on writing and staying in real contact with him. He is really interested in sports and fitness. He also likes novels of all kinds and he is considering being a personal trainer when he is released. He is now 28 years old. His birthday is today - November 30th. I don't know if anyone is interested in sending a late card?

    Please send any Birthday or Christmas cards/letters to:

    Lucas Burnett #273752
    Oaks Correctional Facility
    1500 Caberfae Highway
    Manistee MI 49660-9200

    Thanks so much!!



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      Brandon Jarrell #621306
      Lakeland Correctional Facility
      141 First Street
      Coldwater, Mi, 49036

      Justin Jarrell #706857
      Gus Harrison Correctional Facility
      2727 East Beecher Street
      Adrian Mi,49221

      This is real nice thank you so much
      Have a Blessed Day



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        I will send him a birthday card tomorrow. It will be late but I guess it will be better than nothing. Thanks for the info.


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          Thomas Buchan - 82028
          CCCF -1A3140
          6564 Hwy 96 East
          Olney Springs, CO 81062-8700

          God Bless you and your kids


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            Originally posted by mamalion View Post
            brandon jarrell #621306
            lakeland correctional facility
            141 first street
            coldwater, mi, 49036

            justin jarrell #706857
            gus harrison correctional facility
            2727 east beecher street
            adrian mi,49221

            this is real nice thank you so much
            hello ,
            are these your son's? If you dont mine i'll like to send them a card and i need yours too.


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              Thank you so very much! God Bless you.

              John Schuerman 1127081
              ERDCC 2727 Hwy K
              Potosi, Mo. 63628

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                God bless you and your kids that bring smiles to those who need it the most on the day that they receive are a true blessing.

                Johnny P Aguero #1394636
                Darrington Unit
                59 Darrington Road
                Rosharon, TX 77583


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                  That is very nice of you...... Richard Moyer #647263 ST.LOUIS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY 8585 N.CROSWELL ROAD ST.LOUIS MICHIGAN 48880


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                    I know my brother is having a very hard time this year, and of course feeling alone is one of the most difficult things for him to deal with. I think this is a very special thing you do.

                    Eric Young #P27375 C1226
                    Marion County Correctional Institution
                    PO BOX 158
                    Lowell, FL 32663-0158

                    God Bless you and your family.


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                      Wow Jenn! That makes me angry that I don't get something like that started! That is an awesome thing that you're doing! It would be selfish of me to give you my brothers information because, I don't let his B-day pass without sending something and I don't let Holidays pass either...but, I will try to get some info from my Bro on friends of his who really don't have anyone to do that for them and start giving back...they will appreciate that! do you put a return address when you send things like that to total strangers (inmates)?


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                        Thanks for the inspiration!


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                          Oh what your doing is so sweet and special to an inmate.
                          I have a brother who i think will appreciate this. And coming from a child will help him be away from his child

                          Elmer Holbert III S10696
                          po box 499
                          hillsboro ill 62049....DOB 5-11
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                            Jeffery baker #1347660 birthday october 7 ----SEGOVIA UNIT D3-31
                            1201 E.EL CIBOLO ROAD
                            EOLINBURG,TEXAS 78542
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                              Jeffery baker#1347660
                              segovia unit d3-31
                              1201 e.el cibolo road
                              edinburg,texas 78542
                              birthday oct 7