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    Post Money orders

    MONEY ORDERS for PA ONLY!!! This isn't hard to understand, go to READ the information, for further information go into fill out money order click here and it will give you more info AND what number to call for more information 1(866)333-5729 its not the Call Centre Thats the number to call..

    MONEY ORDERS ARE PAYABLE TO JPAY at the following address: JPay, 12864 BISCAYNE BLVD, BOX 221, MIAMI, FL 33181-2007

    heres some things that you can find on the website states in the latter.

    Notice: All money orders must be issued in US Funds.
    To avoid delay of funding visit and make a money transfer online.
    • Type or write in black or blue ink only.
    • Verify that the inmate name and ID are entered correctly on the money order deposit slip
    • Do not include any letters or notes with your payment because these will be discarded.
    • Detach the deposit slip, the lower portion, at the the dotted line and mail with your money order.
    • Mail deposit slip and money order to JPay, 12864 Biscayne Blvd., Box 221, Miami, FL 33181.
    • For additional information call 1 (866) 333-5729.

    If there is an issue DONT call jpay screaming and yelling, this is all very user friendly information, Read it carefully, and everything is here to understand how it works

    Notice: If it cannot be determined who a money order belongs to, JPay will hold the funds until they can be verified. For full Terms and Conditions of held funds please visit for full disclosure

    1.JPay will accept ALL money orders limit $1,000. For US Postal Service money orders, funds will be processed within 48 business hours upon RECEIPT by JPay. For all other types of money orders, they will process within 48 hours of clearance, which may include additional processing time. As soon as the money orders clear, funds will be processed for posting to inmate accounts. Cleared funds will be automatically deposited into inmate accounts each business day.
    2. A money order deposit slip MUST be filled out and submitted with EVERY money order. Slips are available at, and at PA DOC web page and within facility visitation rooms.
    3. ALL money order deposit slips MUST have the following information CLEARLY TYPED or WRITTEN in order for the funds to be posted to the inmate account:
    a. CORRECT inmate ID #
    b. Inmate name
    c. Sender's name and address
    4. DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL ITEMS when sending money orders. The lockbox is for money orders ONLY. Any personal items will be discarded.

    NOTICE: If it cannot be determined who the money order belongs to, JPay will hold funds until they can be verified. For full Terms and Conditions of held funds please visit for full disclosure. All Money Orders must be issued in US Funds.
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