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    Exclamation OHIO Inmate Visiting, Mail, and Phones

    Inmate Visiting, Mail, and Phones

    1) An inmate from an Ohio correctional institution is collect calling my home. What can I do to prevent this?
    Contact Global Tel*Link (GTL) (formerly MCI/Verizon Business) at 1-800-231-0193 to block current or future calls from inmates in Ohio correctional institutions.

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    2) Why is it necessary to have a random announcement on the telephone line saying "This call originates from a correctional institution in Ohio," when I was informed of the same thing before I accepted the call?
    The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has granted inmates the privilege of making collect telephone calls to family and friends. Inmates have attempted to use the Inmate Call Out Program to engage in criminal activity such as telecommunication fraud and harassment, while serving sentences in Ohio prisons. This announcement is designed to inform those who may have not received the initial announcement should a third party become involved. Third parties are commonly added to calls by using "call transfer" or "3-way calling" features. Third party calls are not permitted.

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    3) Why are the phone rates so much higher than the normal collect long distance calls?
    Additional equipment that is not installed for regular long distance service must be installed for the inmate class of telephone service. It is used to control and monitor the privilege of making telephone calls. This equipment was installed at no expense to the taxpayers of Ohio and is supported through the users paying for the service. Additionally, a portion of the cost of the call is returned to the ODRC and is used to support inmate recreation and other programs such as substance abuse. The telecommunications companies supplying the service to each institution received their contract by submitting a competitive bid.

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    4) Why can't the inmates have a credit card, prepaid long distance calling card or use a personal 800 number to make long distance calls?
    The Administrative Regulations that govern inmate conduct forbid the use of a credit card by inmates. The telecommunications industry recommended not using the 800 number system because of the likelihood of criminal activity and the difficulty in blocking other 800 numbers. Finally, inmates are not permitted to have anything in their possession that could be used as or converted to money. A prepaid calling card could be used as a form of currency.

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    5) Why are there time limits on calls?
    Time limits are imposed to allow all inmates to use the phone system. Each institution Warden sets the time limit based on the number of available telephones as well as the security level and behavior of the inmate population.

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    6) What am I allowed to mail an inmate in prison?
    As of January 1, 2007 all packages received by an inmate must be ordered through Access SecurePak by visiting their website at Access Securepak - Inmate Care Packages Program or calling their toll-free number at 1-800-546-6283.

    Clothing and food items are permitted to be sent to Level 1, 2, 3, 4A and Death Row inmates. Level 4B, 5, Reception and Intensive Prison Program inmates cannot receive packages. However, there are limitations to the number of packages that may be sent. Inmates (patients) with long-term placements at the Corrections Medical Center (CMC), Frazier Health Center (FHC) or Oakwood Correctional Facility (OCF) may receive packages with the approval of the Warden. Otherwise, CMC and FHC inmates are ineligible to order or receive packages. Similarly, inmates who have been sent to outside hospitals or who are assigned to disciplinary control or local control are ineligible to order or receive packages. Institutions provide inmates with a list of items they may receive; this list may vary from prison to prison. It is the responsibility of the inmate to provide you with the list and the proper mailing guidelines.

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    7) Do Ohio prisoners have access to computers for e-mail correspondence?
    No, Ohio inmates do not have access to e-mail. You may correspond with an inmate via the U.S. Mail. Please include his or her inmate number. The inmate number can be obtained by calling Central Inmate Records at 614-752-1076 or accessed through our Offender Search. Prison addresses can be found on our Addresses page.

    8) Can inmates receive money while in prison?
    Inmates can receive money orders up to $100.00 from anyone. Money orders over $100.00 must be approved by the Warden. Money orders must have a legible signature of the sender and include the return address of the sender, inmate’s name and inmate number. The money order is placed in the inmate's account. While the inmate never has direct access to this money, it is available to him or her for commissary purchases, etc.

    9) How can I visit an inmate?
    An inmate must request to place your name on his or her visiting list. The staff forwards a visiting application to you for completion. You may also print a visitation application from our visiting page. Once returned, the staff reviews the application and approves or denies per the visiting policy. Click here for additional visiting information.

    Transportation for visitors may be available through the following agencies:

    The Family Connections, Leavittsburg, 330-899-7963;
    J B Transportation, Cleveland, 216-863-1223;
    People Interested in People (PIP), Cincinnati, 513-381-5882; or
    Man-to-Man/Woman-to-Woman (M2M/W2W), 513-681-4129

    10) When can I visit an inmate?
    Dates and times in which visits are permitted vary. The individual that you wish to visit is responsible for sending you the guidelines to follow and the visiting schedule. You may also obtain this information by calling the institution's visiting office or going to our visiting page.

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    Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Visiting

    Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender Mail and Packages

    Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender Phone Services

    Inmate Telephone Debit Accounts

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    so they dont have the equipment to be able to write back with and email? i mean its great to be able to send them something quick but i thought the purpose was to be able to get the mail faster. it takes me 3 days to get his mail and i only live 2 hours away from where he is at that is crazy. how would u know if they got the emessage that you sent? do u just have to wait and see when u get a reply?

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    the e-messages usually get there next day - m-f. they don't get anything on the weekends. but the jpay's are usually next day. 2 dys at most.

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    Jpays from Mansfield Corr;Inst; are either not being sent out by the mail room or there must be a problem with the Jpay mailing services as since over a week ago I haven't received any Jpays even though one has been sent out every day.I speak with my inmate friend every day on the phone so I know he is sending them.We are both finding this very frustrating.
    Also his brother has sent Jpays and my inmate friend hasn't received it.
    Is there anyone else out there that is experiencing the same problem.?



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