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    Default Prisoners in NDSP

    I my man/friend was recently moved to NDSP and has been there for about 2.5 weeks now. I'm just wondering if there is anyone on here that knows anything about communicating with him. I have sent him and email thru Jpay. Can he reply in an email or can he only send snail mail? I have filled out and returned the applications he sent me for visitation and phone calls. How do phone calls work there, do they need a phone card? I have clicked the link to send him money but it says he can't receive money transfers. I'm so new to all this and just wondering if there is anyone who knows more. It's hard not being able to communicate with him. Thanks!

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    Hi Pinkys,

    Inmate's located at North Dakota State Penitentiary can receive and send eMessages through JPay.

    Once the visiting applications have been received at the institution and approved by the Visiting Control Officer (usually within two weeks), your friend may receive visits from you or call you.

    Inmates are allowed to make local or long-distance calls during specific times, depending on the housing unit, to those who have applied and been approved for the inmate's phone list. All charges for these phone calls are at the expense of the person called (you).

    Also the reason you received an error when trying to send money is because JPay is not currently offering money transferring service to the NDSP facility.

    Checks and money orders are accepted and should be made out to the inmate's name, the inmate will receive a receipt:

    Mailing Addresses:

    Inmate Name, #
    North Dakota State Penitentiary
    PO Box 5521
    Bismarck, ND 58506-5521



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