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    Exclamation JPay Support Help (Answers to Common Questions)

    JPay HELP

    UPDATE: New Link

    JPay Help

    Getting Started

    JPay is a private company that partners with state, county and federal correctional facilities across the country to provide safe, reliable and convenient services for family and friends of inmates and payment solutions for offenders, parolees and probationers. JPay prides itself on providing excellent customer service and delivering relevant products and services to a broad range of facilities.
    To take advantage of our services you need to first register online. After this you will be able to use our services to help your incarcerated loved one.

    Before sending money or communicating with your inmate/offender you must first register with JPay.

    Creating a user account

    Once you have registered you will need to create a user account to send money or communicate with your inmate/offender.

    Key Services

    JPay provides several services to you. Depending on the facility where your loved one is located one or all of these services may apply. Please click on one of the following links to learn more about the service.
    Sending money
    Sending email
    Sending a VideoGram
    Buying a JP4® player
    Buying phone time
    Scheduling a video visitation

    Things to remember

    • Not all services are available for all facilities. To know what services a facility allows go to the Availability and Pricing page and search for the facility you want.
    • Make sure you have selected the correct inmate/offender for the service you want. On the JPay home page, in the Inmate/Offender list, select the inmate/offender you want.
    • Make sure you are logged in to use the JPay services.

    __________________________________________________ _____

    Click on the link to get you to The Jpay Help Page that has Answers To Your Questions

    JPay HELP


    1. General

    2. Billing

    3. Help by Products
    Money Transfer
    Video Visitation
    Music and media ?€“ JP3/JP4
    JPay Release Card

    4. Help Over the Phone

    1. General
    What is JPay?
    What does JPay do for friends and families of those incarcerated?
    How do I open an account?
    What information do I need to open an account?
    How do I search for an inmate within your system?
    Why can?€™t I choose an inmate?€™s specific location?
    What happens if I don?€™t have some of the information needed?
    Is your website secure?
    How do I know where my inmate is located?
    What happens if I forget my password?
    Will my information be accessible to the inmate?
    Is JPay available internationally?

    2. Billing
    What payment methods do you accept?
    Do you accept debit cards?
    Do you accept gift card or prepaid cards?
    Is my credit card information secure on your site?
    What is a card validation code or CVV?
    I received a new card from my bank and my transaction won?€™t go through
    When will my account be debited if I pay using my debit card?
    Can I use multiple credit cards?
    Why won?€™t my payment go through?
    How can I delete or change my credit card information?
    Does JPay accept cash?
    Why are there 2 charges from JPay the same day?
    What are the fees when using your services?
    Are there additional fees besides the JPay fee?

    3. Help by Products
    Money Transfer

    What is Money Transfer?
    How do I send money to an inmate through JPay?
    How can I send money by phone?
    Can I send money to more than one inmate?
    What is a payment category?
    What is a commissary or spendable account?
    What is the Transaction ID or confirmation number?
    My transaction said it will be processed at a later time. Why?
    When will the inmate receives the funds I?€™ve sent?
    How do I check on the status of my payment?
    How do I cancel a Money Transfer?
    When are the funds available to the inmate?
    Will the inmate know who sent him/her the funds?
    How can I send money using cash?
    Do I get a receipt?
    Can I get a document with all the transactions I?€™ve sent?
    Do I have to go through this process every time I need to send money?

    What is eMessaging?
    What do I need to have in order to write an eMessage to an inmate?
    What are JPay Stamps?
    How much does it cost to send an eMessage?
    Do stamps expire?
    How do I write an eMessage to an inmate?
    Why can?€™t I see the eMessages tab on my account?
    How can I get a detailed history of my stamp purchases?
    Can I attach a photo?
    What files type can I attach?
    How would the inmate read the eMessage I sent?
    Why is my inmate receiving the photo I?€™ve attached too small/large?
    Can an inmate write me back?
    How do I know if I received an eMessage from an inmate?

    Video Visitation
    What is a Video Visitation?
    How can I purchase a Video Visitation?
    What are the requirements to take part in a Video Visitation?
    What can I do to make sure I have a successful Video Visitation session?

    What is a Videogram?
    How can I purchase a Videogram?
    What do I need to record a Videogram?
    What can I do to make sure I send a successful Videogram?

    Music and media ?€“ JP3/JP4
    What is a JP3/JP4 Player?
    How can I purchase one for my inmate?
    How can my inmate purchase music for this device?

    JPay Release Card
    What is a JPay Release Card?
    How can I activate my JPay Release Card?
    Where can I use my JPay Release Card?
    Are there any fees associated with the card?

    4. Help Over the Phone
    How can I talk to a JPay customer service representative?
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