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    Default Colorado Care Package Program

    So I sent a spring package to my man, at the time he was at DRDC and since then he has been moved to CTCF (staying there) so does anyone have an idea as to when it will ever get to him? Do they bus it down with the next set of inmates? Do they ship it? If so does that money come off his books the way the shipping did when they sent me his clothes. I am starting to think the food I sent will pass its expiration date lol
    Also when does the summer program open up? I had so much fun shopping for him on that silly little list... Just to know he would have a surprise made me smile.
    One last thing does anyone know the limit that is allow to be sent to CTCF?

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    According to the form I have it says CTCF's limit is $100 and yes it should just follow him. Although he won't get it right away he will eventually get his spring package...
    Hope it helps -

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    We sent a Colorado care package to our son and the limit was $50.00. Is each prison different? When he got his package everything was sealed well except a bag of chips that had come open and there were ANTS in it! My son and his room mate dumped the chips out in a bowl, killed all the ants and ate the chips!!!! NOT THE ANTS! I freaked!!! We laughed so hard about that, because this is something that he would have NEVER done at home! He said, he would have had to send everything back and there was no way he would wait for another one or not get one at all! I asked him if he was sure he got them all so they are not sharing his bed. LOL!



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