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    Default Which prisons in CO are minimum security?

    My nephew was sentenced to four years yesterday in Larimer County and is being taken to the Denver Processing Center.

    Which prisons are the best ones? -Meaning minimum security or just have a better reputation than others? He's a non-violent offender (just was a drug abuser) so I'd like to know how good or bad he is going to have it for the next four years when they assign him to a prison.
    Thank you!

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    Here is a Link To All The Facilities in Colorado You can read about them and find out all kinds of different information about them which also includes visits, money, mail etc.

    click On Link In Red To Get You To The Facilities Page
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    I am sorry to hear about your nephew. I know this is a hard time for you and your family. As to your question, I wouldn't really know an answer to that. I hope that someone can answer it for you. But from my experience, he could be sent to any prison in Colorado, almost all of the facilities have a max/min side. Stay positive, and try to visit him if you can.



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